Cycle Pedic Touring Seat ST0135 08-21

Cycle Pedic Touring Seat ST0135 08-21

Fitment: Harley Touring '08-'22

ST0135 – Cycle Pedic - Premium Seat with Driver & Passenger Cutout Channel

Cycle Pedic seats offer riders and passengers ultimate comfort by taking pressure off the prostate & tailbone area. Cycle Pedic seats will displace more weight than any other seat making this the most comfortable seat in the industry. This is achieved using: memory foam, mold injected polyurethane foam, and a channel for the prostate/tailbone. Cycle Pedic seats feature water resistant vinyl and cutout drains, increasing the longevity of the seat. All Cycle Pedic seats are designed with the latest technology in hardware and software to ensure that our engineers and designers develop the most technologically advanced comfortable seat.

Made in America 

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