Rush Racing Products is a global leader in the aftermarket exhaust industry with recognition for the best quality and service. Rush Exhaust systems continually raise the bar with cutting-edge technology and design. We take pride being the first company to introduce a one-piece formed muffler shell. This eliminated welds at the inlet; creating significant improvements in the durability and appearance. Rush premium header pipes and full systems have the industry first standard of inside/out ceramic coating. This reduces the temperature by several hundred degrees, resulting in significant heat reductions.

Online Outlet information:
Blemished items (Blems): Occasionally some items will not pass the coating quality inspection.  These items can not be sold at A product, usually due to very minor issues with the finish or coating.  We consider blemished product to have a minor cosmetic issue that will not effect fitment or operation.  
Discontinued items: These are items not listed for sale in the catalog with remaining inventory in our warehouse. They are grade A products with small amounts of remaining inventory.